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Metatron’s Pyramid is aligned with true north, the sides are 52 degrees. It is built to Sacred Geometry specifications exactly like the Giza Pyramid. It is put together with brass screws, copper nails and covered with copper shingles. Copper is a conductor of energy. The tunnel leading to the Capstone is lined with quartz crystal and inside the tunnel hangs a double terminated quartz crystal. The double terminated crystal has the Tree of Life naturally etched inside it and we have hung it with the branches pointing up into the universe and the roots pointing down into Mother Earth. The copper shingles coupled with the quartz crystal creates intense energy inside the Pyramid. It is 9 feet tall inside and will handle 10 people laying down. There is no metal allowed in the Pyramid except copper, brass, aluminum, gold and bronze.

In our hectic, disconnected world we wanted to create and provide a safe, sacred space for people of all walks of life to come heal their trauma, meditate, pray, connect with God/Source and remember who they truly are.

Metatron’s Pyramid & the Sacred Grounds offer a sanctuary for people to come heal their body, sooth their mind, connect with nature, release cares, stresses, worries and realign with their light, divinity and soul’s purpose. Located on Sacred, Ancient Native Land overlooking the majestic Columbia River, this site is the perfect backdrop for spiritual seekers and we are so delighted to share it with you. Time in the pyramid is also the perfect place for receiving divine messages and healings from God/Spirit, your Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Self, Elementals, Star Beings and other Light Beings.

The Location of the Pyramid

​This Sacred Temple is located on Ancient Native Land, on the hillside above Kalama, WA  overlooking the majestic Columbia River. Many hummingbirds, blue jays, squirrels and deer frequent this property. The address is 284 S Second Street.

Michael Kroon, a General Contractor for over 35 years, is my husband and the Expert Builder of Metatrons Pyramid.


If anyone is interested in
building a Pyramid, he will supervise and instruct on how to build your very own.

If you are interested,

e-mail me at

Our Master
our Grandson
who kindly
gifted this double terminated quartz
crystal to us
All Donations go to Maintaining the Sacred Grounds
at Metatron's Pyramid

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