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How I discovered it was my destiny to build Metatron's Pyramid...

Thanks to and because of my spiritual teacher, Jeanette Hieter, of The Divinity Within, who trained me through a 3 year journey to Usui Reiki Master, I have been to the Pyramid in Mount Shasta, California many times.

​As you might know, Archangel Metatron channeled the exact specifications and instructions to Antera, who is Omaran’s Twin Flame. Omaran is the builder of the Mount Shasta Pyramid. It is the closest Pyramid to us. It is vitally important to build to Metatron’s specifications for the energy and power to be at its strongest. Omaran, the wonderful soul that he is, shared these specifications with me so that my husband, a retired general contractor, could build Metatron’s Pyramid accordingly.

​Before I went to my final Usui Reiki Master Training in Mount Shasta, I started working with a spiritual teacher, Danny Picard, of The Epic Human in Portland, OR. He works with Metatron, Ascended Master Buddha, St. Germaine and other light beings in helping individuals attain Lightarian Reiki Master. Lightarian Reiki was brought to us by Ascended Master Buddha in the mid 1990’s to further raise vibration within our healing abilities. It is 5 vibrational bands beyond Usui Reiki. I felt like my vibration and energy were amped up big time upon completing my Lightarian Reiki training.  On August 9, 2018, my work with Danny was complete.

​My path with Jeanette and Danny was crucial but not alone in leading me to discover that my destiny was to build this pyramid on my land and share it with mankind, Light Workers and individuals that are ready to further their spiritual journey/enlightenment/ascension.

​I have been guided by Metatron for a long time. I’ve had many signs and messages, over the years, that building the pyramid on my land is what I was meant to do this lifetime, my destiny. I found out from a very wise Shaman and via my own research, that the hills above Kalama, that my land sits on is ancient, ancestral burial ground for Native Americans. They buried their dead in trees, on the hills above the Columbia River in and around Kalama. They believed that their spirits could not escape if they were buried under ground. Their power, energy and Spirits, combined with that of Archangel Metatron, of the river itself and all of Mother Nature that surrounds my land, makes for very Sacred Ground. My land is an energy vortex. I have been Native American in more than one previous lifetime and feel very connected to my ancestors here. I’ve always called this my Sacred Space and I now know why. I’ve known since I moved here there was something very special about this land.

​I know that my destiny was to build this pyramid and make my land a Sacred Space, once again awakening the Native American Ancestors Spirits and power.  It needs to be newly embraced and re-awakened for my family and others to come and heal, meditate, ascend, or whatever spiritual transformations they may need. Also, for Spirit, the Native American Ancestors, Archangel Metatron, Lord Benthonos & our Star Families, Angels, Guides, Elementals and other Light Beings to get their messages out to whoever come in search of them, for their very own personal journey.

​I had an all “knowing” moment in my home one day, a few years back, that monks wait a lifetime to experience.  I now know it was due to the spirits of the ancestors.  I also had a very sacred experience with one of Metatron’s doves. For those who don’t know, Metatron is also known as the dove man.  For sacred reasons and to awaken me, one of 3 doves that hang out at my house, went straight into my living room window, leaving its full imprint (spirit) on the window. No one I've shown the pictures to had ever seen anything like it before. That dove gave up its life to help me understand that I needed to realize my destiny. It was the final straw for me. After many nudges and messages, I finally understood that yes, I am the chosen one to get Metatron’s Pyramid & the Sacred Grounds built on my land. I also see a very bright white light on my property. This is all connected to Archangel Metatron, the ancestors and the very powerful energy here. Metatron let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I was to have the Pyramid built. So be it, it is done. The dove incident was extremely powerful for me and the Columbia River is a very powerful energy in and of itself. Add Metatron’s Pyramid and the Sacred Grounds and you have an energy vortex. There are so many more messages I have received but I can’t put them all here. I finally connected all the dots. I used to give myself a bad time about that, but now I realize it is exactly how it is supposed to be and in perfect, divine timing. The Pyramid & Sacred Grounds will be complete in time for the beginning of 2020. The completion of the sacred grounds will be on December 31, 2019.

​I pray this helps enlighten you as to my journey to build Metatron’s Pyramid & the Sacred Grounds.​​​​​​​

Love & Light
Alana Rala Tana

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And so
it began...
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