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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Halla Byer


Name: Halla Byer
Place of Birth: Eugene, OR

Raised in: Redmond & Portland, OR

Specialties: Beyond Quantum Healing & Past Life Regression Sessions (BQH), Reiki Sessions & Attunements, Light Language, Small Event/Retreat Catering & Private Chef Services

Education / Certifications: BA Psychology, MS Nutrition, Certified Usui Reiki Master, Certified BQH Facilitator, Light Language & Intuitive Channel

About Halla: 

I’ve had intuitive experiences throughout my life and many opportunities to begin the process of
awakening, but I wasn’t ready to lift the veil until 2020 as I made the difficult, yet empowering
decision to get a divorce. I dove in, heart first, and continued to deepen my understanding and
ability to work with the energetic light body by becoming an Usui Reiki Master and Beyond
Quantum Healing practitioner. I even had my galactic light language activation inside Metatron’s
Pyramid! The embodied vision of the last three years is the creation of Nourished Heart, LLC.


I value a wholistic approach, addressing the mind-body-spirit, drawing on the wisdom and
knowledge of every tool I have, most of all, my own intuition, and yours. Generally, we know
what we’d like to change in our life. This vision is encoded within us, but we struggle to bridge
the gap because of our past (subconscious fears, traumatic experiences, limiting beliefs, etc).
Honoring the expansion our soul calls forth takes courage, consistency, and a trust in our own
divine guidance.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve watched every aspect of my life shift and lead me here as I
intentionally developed my ability to connect with my guides, channel, and play in the quantum.
Now, I seek to empower YOU to remember the wisdom, creativity, and purpose you carry as a
Spiritual BEing.


In the space I hold for your healing, you have full permission to show up messy, raw, chaotic
and wild. I see your wholeness no matter what. My only goal for our time together is to help
guide you towards a more embodied and empowered version of yourself - a Nourished Heart.

Services Offered: 

  • Reiki & Light Language Intuitive Healing Sessions & Reiki Attunements - offered in-home, in Metatron’s Pyramid, and virtual

  • Beyond Quantum Healing & Past Life Regression Sessions (BQH): offered in-home, in Metatron’s Pyramid, and virtual

  • Small Event/Retreat Catering

  • Private Chef Services

  • Cooking Lessons

Social Media Links: 


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