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Spirit Guided Handfastings


Performed by Ordained Minister Alana Rala Tana
with Wedding Coordinator, Coral Zutter


Nature finds no greater delight

Then when two lovers choose to unite.

When Spirit, Soul, Mind & Heart

Are joined as one, never to part,

Then Divine Energy to this world does flow

To celebrate the Union, As Above So Below


As an Ordained Minister and a Usui & Lightarian Reiki Master, I am a lover of Spirit, the Universe and Mother Nature. I am also a warm and engaging non-denominational ceremony officiant, who custom creates wedding ceremonies centered around you and your specific desires, with an appreciation and respect of the uniqueness of each individual I serve. I’ll create your ceremony based on your beliefs, ideas and wishes and of course, your own unique style and personality.

I officiate beautiful, private ceremonies at Metatron’s Pyramid and the Sacred Grounds, with a backdrop of the gorgeous Columbia River! Coral Zutter, my wedding coordinator, has experience putting together flower arrangements, head pieces, Handfasting rope, a tasteful buffet and has planned many ceremonies.

Another option for food is Halla’s Kitchen, for delicious organic food.


See below for all food and Accommodation options for the duration of your stay. If you would like to book any of these, please get in touch with me.

Namaste & Blessings!
Alana Rala Tana

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& Ceremonies

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Any couple who has their handfasting at Metatron’s Pyramid & the Sacred Grounds are given 1 hour in the Pyramid, either before or after the Ceremony, and them and their guests have full use of the Sacred Grounds.

Another option would be to have the ceremony inside Metatron’s Pyramid.
This option would be the couple themselves and 8 guests, at most.

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Halla’s Kitchen
by Halla Byer-Chauhan

Halla is a holistic nutritionist who will provide delicious nutritional food for our Hand Fasting receptions. She attended the National University of Natural Medicine and received her Master’s of Science in Nutrition.


Halla Kitchen
All Donations go to Finishing the Sacred Grounds
at Metatron's Pyramid

UBI # 604175238
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