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Sacred Grounds



of building the Pyramid and Sacred Grounds

The HIGHLY Anticipated Video is Here!



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Learn How The Healy uses Individualized Microcurrent Frequency programs to help you deal with your Pain and Wellbeing!
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Meet Alana


Welcome Beautiful Souls,

I am Alana of Alana’s Touch in
Kalama, WA, and am Keeper of
Metatron’s Pyramid & the Sacred Grounds. This is a sanctuary for deep healing.
I am so happy you made it here. This is
not a chance happening, you are
here for a purpose.

Archangel Metatron’s presence here is magical and so full of love for all. The Grounds are an energy vortex. I would love for you to come and experience it with me.

Please enjoy my website!

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This beautiful Documentary has been created by Chad Diamond Dann (YT) of Grindstone FIlms (FB).  He has captured the Magic of the Pyramid and its Journey perfectly. We are blessed and grateful for this homage to our Pyramid. Thank you., Chad

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Metatron's Pyramid >


The construction of Metatron's Pyramid has
been an incredibly rewarding experience.
Join us as we explore all aspects of it's creation,
or you can jump straight to Facebook and join our ever-growing community, Metatron's Pyramid Follow the Journey.

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The Sacred Grounds


There is magic in the air, and around us, especially when we connect to nature. Feel the energy as you enter the Labyrinth on our Sacred Grounds...



There's nothing more special than a celebration of love, amongst the sacred energies of the labyrinth and the Pyramid.

Click here to find out how you can make your handfasting Ceremony, unforgettable!

Nicole Gnomey

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What a peaceful joy to be able to receive Reiki from Alana inside Metatron’s Pyramid! The new Reiki table is very comfortable. (I had the honor of being the first to use it!) Alana is very gentle and insightful. I didn’t come with questions, intending the session to just do its thing. I sure walked away with answers anyway! The peace and calm of the Reiki lingered with me for several days. This is far better than a massage, which doesn’t hit your emotional center with this much love.

All Donations go to Maintaining the Sacred Grounds
at Metatron's Pyramid

UBI # 604175238
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