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April 16th
2pm - 5pm

Little easter Witches

SATURDAY, April 16th, 2022 AT 2 PM – 5 PM 

284 2nd St S, Kalama, WA 98625 

tickets - $30 PARENT W/CHILD

                    $15 PER ADDITIONAL CHILD

                    $10 FOR ADDITIONAL Adult
            RSVP Below

Little Easter Witches Event 


Your family is warmly invited to come celebrate Easter the Nordic way, with Easter Witches! In the Nordic countries of Finland, Sweden and Norway, Easter Witches is a tradition that all the children look forward to throughout the year! It’s similar to our Halloween. It’s filled with magic, dressing up in your best Witches costume and chocolate! 


My ancestors come from Lapland, Finland, so I thought this would be a great way to celebrate my heritage while adding a metaphysical twist by hosting it on the sacred grounds of Metatron’s Pyramid! I have years of experience working with children at local preschools and running my own Montessori inspired preschool from my home, until my Reiki Practice took me down a new path. I have deeply missed working with children very much, so I just HAD to host a special sacred event just for them! 


In the traditional celebration of Easter witches, all the children would go door to door singing a rhyme asking for chocolate eggs in exchange for sacred branches adorned with bright feathers & ribbons to aid in protection, while dressed as Little Witches with freckles painted on their cheeks! 


For this event, I had to alter the tradition just a bit to accommodate the surrounding neighbors of Metatron’s Pyramid. Instead of going door to door, we will host an egg hunt where they get to hunt down the chocolate filled eggs! 


We will also offer Face Painting of freckles! Freckles represent kisses from Beaivi, the Saami Goddess of Sun. She brings in the sunlight after a long dark winter and blesses all her people with a bountiful harvest, healing and positive mindset! 


Each child will also get to create their own Sacred Easter Branch, by adorning them with feathers, ribbons and blessing them with your own wishes! These branches will also be infused with the healing energy of the Sacred Grounds & Pyramid. Witches have been known to fly by at night and see these blessed branches outside of homes and cast a spell for harmony & abundance for everyone who lived in the home. They have also been known to leave a copper coin by the front door to ensure these blessings were multiplied. Cooper has the amazing power to amplify anything, so be sure to have your children look by the front door first thing in the morning for their penny! (This is a really fun tradition, if you need a penny, I'll have plenty on hand at the event) 


During The Little Easter Witches Event you'll have access to the Sacred Grounds! Make wishes or ask for solutions while you walk the labyrinth. Go on a fairy hunt and see how many houses you can find! Then before you leave stop by the Quan Yin Waterfall to allow her unconditional love to wash over you! 


This will be an event for the whole family! While the kiddos enjoy games & treats, guardians can soak up the wonderful healing energy on the land and mingle with other like-minded families! This will be an event all will look forward to for years to come! I hope to see you there! 

 RSVP Below


tickets - $30 PARENT W/CHILD

                    $15 PER ADDITIONAL CHILD

                    $10 FOR ADDITIONAL Adult


DIRECTIONS: 284 South 2nd St. Kalama, WA 

GPS will tell you to turn left on 2nd street, turn right instead. We are second house from the last up the steep driveway.  Metatron's Pyramid sign at bottom of driveway.

PARKING: Please come right up the driveway and park. If full, park in front of the big yellow house right next door. 

Stay on the rock path while on the Sacred Grounds, Please do not walk on the bark dust.

$30 Parent With Child
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$15 Per Additional Child
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$10 Per Additional Adult
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