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To Be Determined, 2023

7pm - 9pm

10 spots left     RSVP Below

Price $45

Join us at Metatron’s Pyramid and the sacred grounds to harness the illuminating light of the full moon energy with a connected community of like-minded souls.


Let's return to the old ways by grounding, deepening our understanding of the energy available to us at this time, and exploring
what it means to bleed, create, and release with the full moon.


We’ll spend some time setting intentions for the next moon cycle, focusing in on what we want to bring into fruition, relaxing into a guided quantum healing meditation in the pyramid, create a cleansing herbal salt mixture for bathing (you get to take this home with you), and honoring the release of what is no longer serving our highest good around a sacred fire.


May you arrive at a place of clarity within yourself and leave with a nourished heart.

Full Moon Circle

To Be Determined 2023
7pm - 9pm

Tickets will be available for purchase until 3pm Saturday June 3rd, 2023

10 SPOTS LEFT  |  RSVP  $45
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DIRECTIONS: 284 South 2nd St. Kalama, WA 
GPS will tell you to turn left on 2nd street, turn right instead. We are second house from the last up the steep driveway. 

PARKING: Please come right up the driveway and park. If full, park in front of the big yellow house right next door. 

No metal is allowed in the Pyramid except, pure aluminum, copper, gold and brass. Any medical metal or metal that cannot be removed is acceptable.

Please do not wear perfumes, after shaves, etc. for those who suffer with allergies.

Stay on the rock path while on the Sacred Grounds, please do not walk on the bark dust.

Feel free to bring your favorite pillow, blanket or any cards/crystals you’d like to Bless in the Pyramid.
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Your Guide

Halla is a certified Reiki Master who specializes in Beyond Quantum Healing & Past Life Regression. She values a wholistic approach, focusing equally on mind, body, and spirit.

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