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SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 

Nakeia & James planned for months for a whole day of sacred ceremony and celebration but the forest fires last season put a stop to that.

They were going to marry in the middle of the Labyrinth, with the Ancient Native American Spirits and Allen Truesdale calling in the 4 corners, but the smoke was so thick, we had to postpone. Nakeia was completely heartbroken. Then James, the beautiful soul that he is, told her, “I left my hometown of Houston Texas, where I was born and raised, because Spirit said I would find you. I intend to marry you on that sacred day…even if it’s just you, me and Alana in her living room! 

So, they had a beautiful, spiritual, sacred wedding ceremony in my Healing Studio. I’ve never seen two people be more in love. 

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Alana arranged for my beloved, James, to be waiting for me in her healing studio, where we were to have our sacred wedding ceremony. As soon as I walked in and James laid eyes upon me, they began to spill over with tears of joy and reverence... I could feel the sacred energy of the room and from Alana, who was holding space with love. As she carried out the Handfasting portion of the ceremony, there was a hush... as if our ancestors, guides, fairies, and angels were ALL listening! And this lasted throughout our entire ceremony. I highly recommend Alana's Handfasting services, as well as her other wedding ceremony services! She is involved in the process, while ALWAYS honoring you and your beloved's wishes for how you truly want it to go. This allows for your ceremony to be as special and unique as you are! I also recommend having a good audio recording of your ceremony...the energies on Alana's grounds and home are SO sacred, you never know what loving message may come through from Spirit! (It did for us!).


Nakeia & James Munoz



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