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Metatron's Pyramid Open House

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The Metaphysical World is growing at a rapid pace!  

People are coming from all avenues of life in search of Tools, Guidance, Education and Spaces to aid them on their spiritual journey. 

Every other day I see a new Practice or Tool come across my path that absolutely amazes me!


There are so many WAYS to craft your journey and so many tools we don't even know exist! 

It's truly AMAZING but it can also be overwhelming for those new to this path. 

Which way to go? 

Who to trust? 

How to use these sacred tools????? 

We have been there and we want to help!!


Alana and I are hosting the VERY FIRST, Open House Event here at Metatron's Pyramid & the Sacred Grounds. 

We have pulled together our most trusted lineup of vendors and hosts!


People WE personally have learned from and leaned on in the past. 

Healers that are Actively showing up for our Metaphysical Community.


Hosts who have walked this path before and are STILL growing right along side of us.


It's all here, under one roof, for one day only. 

August 27th – from 1pm-6pm 

It's a dream event for the metaphysical community and it's NOT a coincidence that's it falls on a Virgo New Moon!!

It's time to step onto your TRUE path here on planet Earth and anchor in all the help you might need along the way. 

Not only will we have amazing Practitioners, Crafters, Healers and awesome freebies, you get to enjoy this sacred land Alana and Michael have poured their hearts into. You can feel their love radiating down the hillside. 

We hope you'll join us on this amazing day! 

Admission to this event will be $10 per guest. 
Buy your $10 tickets here
Venmo - @thefluidsoul
Cash App -  $TheFluidSoul
Zelle -  (360)601-3593

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Click on Pic's Below to find out
more about the Headliners

If you are purchasing tickets to a headliner event, your admission fee will be included in the ticket sale. 

Prices vary per Headliner Event..... 

Any Questions, please call Alana (360-909-7426)

Tahsha Renee & Jacquelynne Faith are bring their

Powerful Sacred Rage Event,held inside the Pyramid.

All genders welcome!

Sacred Rage Event Ticket- $40 (including admission) 

Showtime is... 

3pm-4pm Inside Metatron’s Pyramid 

Buy tickets  here or contact Tahsha Renee directly 

Venmo is @trh329 

Cashapp is $trh329

Daniel Monroe is a Psychic/Medium who channels your

loved ones from the spirit world bringing much needed

clarity and validation.

Event times are 2pm-3pm & 5pm-6pm inside

The Healing Studio. Tickets are $49 per guest

(includes admission fee to Open House) 


Buy tickets here 

Daniel Monroe.jpg

Maggie May will be bringing Sound Healing, Sensory Activation, Song Channeling & Energy Work into the Pyramid! 

Event time 4pm-5pm held inside Metatron's Pyramid. Tickets are on a sliding Scale fee per guest- $30-$40 (includes admission fee into Open House)

You can reach me for information on my sound table and energy work sessions below :) : 




Buy tickets here

Venmo- @maggie-may-34

Mark Dodich has 40+ years under his belt as a Intuitive Astrologer. He is bringing a Esoteric perspective to the upcoming Autumn Planetary Alignments.


Autumn’s Shifting Planetary Energies

~tuning into the Esoteric Point Perspective


Autumn’s planetary energies will have you constantly shifting like a cat walking on a hot tin roof.  They prepare you for a heavy-duty 20 year transformation coming in 2023.  Between September 9 and January 18, there will be two disruptive Mercury retrograde cycles, two eclipses that take you to emotional depths, and the less common retrograde cycle of warrior Mars.


Long-time astrologer Mark Dodich will help you get the most of these sometimes tumultuous energies from the esoteric point of view.  Esoteric astrology is a branch of astrology focused on spiritual growth and purpose, as compared to the  more common exoteric astrology that focuses on the day to day issues of your life.  We shall also look at universal energies called the 7 Rays based upon the work of Alice Bailey and Djwal Khul of The Ageless Wisdom teachings. They help you step into the higher vibrations of your spiritual purpose. Join us to learn how to open to the highest frequencies to gain maximum advantage in the months ahead. Mark will explain the incoming changes in a  non-technical way.


Terry McGill is Akashic Reader and certified by the Tao Academy. He will introduce you to the power of Tao Calligraphy to clean & enhance the 7 major Chakras. Event time is 3pm-4pm held inside The Healing Studio. Tickets are $55 ( includes admission fee to Open House) purchase tickets here


Terry McGills.png
To Buy tickets Click
on Terry's Picture

Danae Smith is a Reiki Master taking you on a Reiki Infused Guided Meditation inside Metatron' s Pyramid and will introduce you to "Medicine of the Snake", to help you shed old outdated layers that no longer serve your soul. Event time is 2pm-3pm held inside the Pyramid. Tickets are $44 (includes admission fee to Open House) purchase tickets here.

 Zelle- Danae Smith (360)831-8951

To Buy tickets Click on Danea's Picture

Discover what your inner child needs with Reiki Master Michelle Iversen. Michelle will be taking you on a playful and loving Reiki infused guided meditation to help you reconnect with your inner child inside Metatron's Pyramid. Towards the end of the meditation, you'll have the chance to set intentions with your inner child while receiving Reiki energy to assist in healing and maintaining a deeper connection. 


Event time 5pm - 6pm held inside Metatron's Pyramid.

Tickets per guest are $30.

(Includes $10 admission fee into Open House).


You can reach me for more information on my Reiki healing sessions below:



Michelle Iversen Event.jpg
Our Sacred Vendors 
Meg Hartley Event2.png
Jessie Star Event2.png
Melissa Jenkins Event2.png
Maggie May Event2.png
Amanda Event2.jpg
Sacha Delgado Event2.png
Ananada Davis Event2.png
Adrina Thomas Event2.png
Sarah Nicholson Event2.png

DIRECTIONS: 284 South 2nd St. Kalama, WA 
GPS will tell you to turn left on 2nd street, turn right instead. We are the second house on the left, from the end of the dead end street, up the semi steep driveway. There is a Metatron's Pyramid sign at the entrance of the driveway. You can't miss it!

PARKING: Please come right up the driveway and park. If full, park in front of the big yellow house right next door. 

No metal is allowed in the Pyramid except, pure aluminum, copper, gold and brass. Any medical metal or metal that cannot be removed is acceptable.

Please do not wear perfumes, after shaves, etc. for those who suffer with allergies.

Stay on the rock path while on the Sacred Grounds, please do not walk on the bark dust.

Feel free to bring your favorite pillow, blanket or any cards/crystals you’d like to Bless in the Pyramid.
Buy tickets here 

Includes $10 admission
Venmo - @thefluidsoul
Cash App -  $TheFluidSoul
Zelle -  (360)601-3593
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