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Metatron's Pyramid Summer Solstice Reiki Attunement Retreat

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June 24th - 25th 2023

Only 5 Spots Left 

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You are warmly invited to Metatron's Pyramid Annual Two Day Summer Solstice Reiki Attunement Retreat! Located at 284 South Second Street, Kalama, WA. This retreat will be Saturday & Sunday, June 24th & 25th from noon to 8 PM. 

Alana & Christine are very excited to bring USUI Reiki Attunements to the Sacred Grounds in a retreat style setting. These Reiki Masters met through their own Reiki Attunement Retreats starting in 2015 for Reiki Level 1, 2016 for Reiki Level II and in 2017 they were united again to complete  their Reiki Master training in beautiful Mt. Shasta, where Alana received one of her messages to build Metatron's Pyramid!

Prior to the retreat, we will meet in our Healing Studio here at Metatron's Pyramid, to get to know one another and talk about the retreat and answer any questions you may have. We will let you all know when this will be.

During this amazing 2 Day retreat you will receive multiple Reiki Attunements on both days by both Reiki Masters, Alana & Christine. Being attuned to Reiki means you will then be a reiki practitioner and be able to use Reiki healing on yourself, your loved ones, and help heal our community. 


 But There is so much more you'll be receiving on these two amazing days!


On this journey you will be led on multiple  healing Guided Meditations to Clear the Chakras, Ignite your Inner Light, Activate the Chakras, Deepen your Connection with Source, Journey through the Heart Space, Experience Soul Nourishing Grounding, and Graceful Integration.

Some meditations will be held inside the pyramid and others in the Healing Studio, where we will be spending most of our time gathered as a group. 


These Reiki masters know how to set you up for success! Alana and Christine have prepared many tools for success in your healing journey, including:
⦁    Intuitive Card Pulls
⦁    Sound Healing 
⦁    Drum Clearing
⦁    Secluded time in the Meditation Cabin
⦁    Printed Guides on how to soak up the powerful energy of Quan Yins Waterfall & the Labyrinth


All of this in addition to learning all there is to know about Reiki! Lessons will include: The history of Reiki, how it works, how to use it, what the benefits are, Reiki hand positions, the 5 Reiki Principles, and learn about the great Reiki Masters on your lineage, USUI REIKI.


You'll get time to practice on yourself and one on one time to practice on your classmates. 


At the end of the retreat, you'll receive a Certificate of completion during a Sacred All White Ceremony at dusk, where everyone will be dressed in their favorite all white attire to represent this life changing rebirth!


Upon completion, you will also get a Reiki Manual to take home to use throughout your reiki courses, when you choose to continue the journey. Remember, there are 3 courses total! Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 & Reiki Master. 
This retreat is limited to only 10 students so please get YOUR $100 DEPOSIT paid before we fill up. We only have 7 spots left!


This is not a solo journey! What that means for you, is that you will have gained a tribe of souls that you will be able to lean on for months and maybe even years after the retreat is over! 


This event is packed with lots of education, healing, and beautiful connections. It also allows extra time to move through the land at your own pace. We recommend taking this time to journal, to read, pull cards, take photos, or go out to lunch down by the Majestic Columbia River. 


There's no doubt that this will be an event to remember for years to come. Alana and Christine will host this event annually, along with Reiki Level 2 and Reiki Master. Reiki is something they both hold very close to their hearts and they cannot wait to usher a new wave of Reiki Healers into the community.  


Everything that has been mentioned above, and more, is included in the total price of only $495!! This is a phenomenal price for a fully loaded Two Day Reiki Attunement Retreat during Summer Solstice. Our thoughts are that Reiki healing should be attainable to everyone & shared everywhere, the pricing of this retreat needed to reflect that. It was important to keep this retreat affordable so people from all corners would be able to seek this wonderful healing tool. 

Reserve your spot now and pay the $100 Deposit before we "fill" up! 

$100 Deposit not refundable

Payment plans are available if needed. After the $100 deposit your options are... 

Option #1-

Pay $395 in Full (after $100 deposit)

Option #2- 

Three Payments of $132 due on

•April 15th

•May 15th

•June 15th

Option #3- 

Four Payments of $99 due on

•March 15th

•April 15th

•May  15th

•June 15th

We truly LOOK FORWARD TO YOU JOINING US on this freedom journey where we hand the healing power back to you! 

Lunch will not be provided but we will have plenty of snacks, tea and water. the water is alkaline and will be blessed inside Metatron's Pyramid on Summer Solstice. Feel free to bring a SACK lunch or Alana can recommend lots of local restaurants.

June 24th - 25th 2023 
Only 5 Spots Left   
RSVP Below​


DIRECTIONS: 284 South Second St. Kalama, WA 
While you are coming up Elm Street, GPS will tell you to turn left on Second Street, turn right instead. We are the 2nd house from the end, on the right, up a Blacktop driveway. There is a Metatron's Pyramid sign at the bottom of the driveway.

PARKING: Please come right up the driveway and park. If full, park in front of the big yellow house right next door. 

Please do not wear perfumes, after shaves, etc. for those who suffer with allergies


Total Cost of Retreat will Be $495
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