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Lisa Marie

What a peaceful joy to be able to receive Reiki from Alana inside Metatron’s Pyramid! The new Reiki table is very comfortable. (I had the honor of being the first to use it!) Alana is very gentle and insightful. I didn’t come with questions, intending the session to just do its thing. I sure walked away with answers anyway! The peace and calm of the Reiki lingered with me for several days. This is far better than a massage, which doesn’t hit your emotional center with this much love.

Nicole Gnomey

I wasn’t sure what to expect, during my first meditation in Metatron’s pyramid.

I chose to be part of a group, who would meditate while Chaz performed a sound presentation with crystal singing bowls, flutes and additional non-metal containing percussion instruments. The experience was actually...... quite extraordinary! I’m not sure if it’s all the copper within and covering the pyramid, or the enhancement of the sound experience..... most likely, it’s all of the above and more — but it really was an amazing introduction to this beautiful creation!

Towards the end of the meditation, I decided to pull in some Reiki vibes. My entire being became incredibly warm; and then, as I channeled the energy to Gaia, I became super chilled with major goosebumps as my hair stood on ends. The energy was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! After our one hour session (time flew by), I felt more awake and alive than I had prior to the event. Since then, things seem to be manifesting quicker, and the goodness is layered upon more goodness.

I strongly feel, that just by the presence of this pyramid, our planet is receiving extraordinary benefits. As witness, the birds on Alana & Mike’s property seem to be more present and delightfully happy. The energy is contagious. I can’t help but feel good while I’m there, and the feeling follows me home for days on end.

I am so grateful for this blessing of proximity, and availability. Thank you, Alana & Mike, for opening your doors to assist our planet and our people in divine consciousness. The two of you are a blessing, to myself and many. Thank you — and thank you, too, for allowing myself and others to be part of this goodness.

Lisa Marie Wendel; Woodland, WA

I had to share just how amazing my time spent in the pyramid was...the energy from the moment you start to enter the pyramid (though I was feeling it as soon as I started walking towards it) is palpable. I went in with my sister and friend and led a guided meditation followed by Reiki attunements and as energy flowed we did “I am” statements and affirmations of what we were manifesting. It was extremely powerful and I cannot wait to go back in. Thank you Alana Rala Tana.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Rebecca Cardoza

I first entered Metatron's Pyramid, when the wooden siding was freshly installed. The energy was powerful, and it facilitated some activation that has helped me sustain joy in my life. A marker point in my journey, marking an expansion point in my energies. Waking up dormant parts of my being, that were ready to awaken.


Encouraged and Intrigued, awaiting the completion of the pyramid and the sacred ceremony sanctifying it. I had the opportunity to spend about 20 minutes inside, shortly after the ceremony. My doggy companion Red came in with me.

That twenty minutes… soo much happened that I cannot put into words. And as of this writing (late July 2019) Those energies and Metatron and Lord Benthonos are still working. Long held patterns are releasing with such ease, and I feel the encouragement they and so many others working with me, coming through the cracks. This has opened up the call Home… within… is opening up. The pure divine essence, experiencing ourselves as me... emerging and easier able to function for how I am meant to contribute to this world. 


My life as I have known it, is over. The experience of living life as my full, pure divine self has taken a large step forward, because of how the energies and sacred intent has upgraded this vessels ability to exist as divinely created and intended.


Red has even shown a remarkable shift. She has become far less anxious, much more undependent. the change in her demeanor… she’s always been loving, there is a deeper quality of this, in her energy and how she feels when her attention is on me. how she carries herself… proudly and with spunk and tenacity.. she’s not much of a water dog, and she’s been getting in, and getting in till the water touches her chest. All the work I have done, to help her heal from her former life blossoming beautifully.

Thank you Mike and Alana for following the path laid out before you, and making this powerful healing space and structure available to this world and our communities.

Om McManus

I held a class with the Nature Spirits on the land of Metatron's Pyramid. The first time I had gone to the land I had felt their presence very strong and shortly after they had come to me and asked me to hold a workshop and healing there. So as divinely guided, I did.


The energy of the land is so beautiful. Powerful but also gentle, like it holds you in it's embrace. The Nature Spirits, as well as a beautiful, gentle and playful Dragon, reside in this space and they have so much to teach and are eager to help us remember who we are and rediscover our unique essence and authenticity. They want to help us birth this New Earth.


Holding a class and healing in this space was powerful and such a wonderful experience. I cannot wait to return to do more workshops and healings as well as enjoy the space on my own.


So much gratitude to Alana and Mike for all you do and for holding space for this amazing healing temple and land.

Lalantia Makana

First I would like to say how blessed and honored I am to have been introduced to Alana.  Their place is so inviting, I immediately felt “at home”.  Since the opening of Metatron’s Pyramid, I had been wanting to go spend some time in there, but just had not “made” the time to do it. 


Then I saw her post about doing Reiki in the pyramid!  Reiki & The Pyramid - immediately had me booking a session!  I knew it would be nothing short of amazing, as when I had attended my very first Drum Circle prior, just standing outside near the pyramid I could feel the incredible energy!  


I go to my session with Alana in beautiful, powerful Metatron’s Pyramid.  I did not go with any specific intention, other than knowing I would receive whatever it was that I needed.  And did I!!!  It was so calm, peaceful, yet powerful and enlightening.  I received messages and understanding on several things that had been coming up for me recently.  


Alana is very insightful, loving, and understanding.  The energy and vibrations that I felt throughout my body were incredible!  By the end of my session I had released physical pain, emotional pain, and I literally felt the weight being lifted during our session.  I left feeling lighter, physically and emotionally.  I had gained new knowledge and insights, and was overcome with such amazing peace and calm – yet excitement for new information that had been delivered.


This was truly an experience that words simply cannot fully describe – you would, and should, experience it for yourself.  I highly recommend Alana, her powerful Reiki coupled with Metatron’s Pyramid – absolutely priceless!!!  So much appreciation for her, her family, and this magical space they have created and share with us.

Deana Yoakum

The session with Alana in Metatron’s Pyramid was so enlightening and gave me so much peace. Alana is a very powerful and Special person and the Pyramid is Amazing! Highly Recommend!

Debbie Smith

Spirit drew me to meet Alana at a local Metaphysical Faire, and I immediately felt connected to her welcoming demeanor. I was drawn to experiencing Metatron’s and St Getmain’s copper pyramid that Alana was guided to build with her husband, and didn’t know quite what to expect in having my energy session in there. When I arrived, Alana took her time to connect with me and hear what was going on, and I felt at ease. I felt like I was connecting with a loving Aunt over a cup of tea! When we got up in the pyramid, I immediately could feel the energy of St Germain and Arch Angel Metatron, and felt so at home. I didn’t want to ever leave! The session Alana gave could have been an hour or could have been days, I was so relaxed and floating in another dimension that I couldn’t tell how much time had passed. I was so grateful for the care and time she gave me to gently come back into the present time and space, and never once felt rushed or forced to integrate quickly. Afterwards, Alana invited me to walk the labyrinth, and lovingly asked me to be in touch over the next several days. That night and the next I slept so soundly and felt so refreshed in the mornings, and my heart felt renewed. Thank you Alana, for heading the call of your own Soul, your own Heart, and building such magic here in the Pacific Northwest.

Heather McNeil

"Alana and Melissa have been doing sessions on me to help me walk again after atrophied muscles set in, in my legs. After only 3 Reiki sessions and being hooked up to Alana's Healy Device each time, I made huge progress in my physical therapy session yesterday! I actually walked out of my room and down the hall! I had sessions with Alana and Melissa the day before! I'm so very excited about this progress and the most definite possibility of walking again!! I am so very grateful!                                                             

                              UPDATE 7/4/2022

Since my last testimonial on May 13, 2022, Alana & Melissa have continued giving me Reiki Sessions each 2 weeks. Alana also visits every week to give me Healy treatments. This is for atrophied muscles that took my ability to walk away due to a stroke, falling, hitting my head and ending up in the hospital for a while. I have kept a positive attitude, pushed myself and kept my mental outlook extremely hopeful. I am so happy to inform you that in the last two weeks, my physical therapist tells me I am “over the hump,” “I am getting close!” and that he has seen marked improvement!! He thinks I will walk within “2 weeks”! I can’t begin to tell you how happy and grateful I am and how excited I am to walk again. Thank you to Alana & Melissa just isn’t enough! I would wholeheartedly recommend these 2 healers to anyone!


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