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Follow the Journey of
Building Metatron's
Pyramid & Sacred Grounds

May 3, 2018
The Beginning
June, July
August of 2018
July 21, 2018
August 25, 2018
The Blessing of the Land
September 18, 2018
September 20, 2018
September 24, 2018
September 26, 2018
September 26, 2018 (cont.)
September 30, 2018
December 24, 2018
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2018 - 2020

These are pictures of the land prior to clearing it. This is where Metatron’s Pyramid & the Sacred Grounds will be built. The building was a grandchildren’s playhouse that the Master Builder, Michael Kroon, built. Jeanette Hieter of The Divinity Within is my Reiki teacher. If it wasn’t for Jeanette, Metatron’s Pyramid would not exist. I went to the Mount Shasta Pyramid with Jeanette many times. As a matter of fact, I became Reiki Master at Mount Shasta! Those sacred trips and experiences had me going into the Mount Shasta Pyramid that Omaran built. I fell in love with Spirit. Such a beautiful spiritual journey. Jeanette helped me through the Blessing of the Land! She is a Beautiful Soul and an Earth Angel!! There is also a pic of the Master Builder’s 1st drawing of the Pyramid prior to building.

We cleared the land in preparation for Metatron’s Pyramid. My son, Anthony (Tony), helped with the clearing. We also started clearing around the soon to be Meditation Cabin.

I went outside one day and noticed a bright white light coming from the skies and pointing to the exact placement of the Pyramid. I ran inside for my phone, to hopefully catch a pic of this magnificent white light! There is a funny story around this. We first thought to put the Pyramid on the level ground above, so I thought that Archangel Metatron made a mistake and the light did not point in the exact same spot, but very close! I was extremely stumped that Metatron could make such an error, even if it was just a small distance. Then our Master Builder, Michael Kroon, was guided to place the Pyramid on posts, with the Pyramid hovering over the bank on the back of our property, due to the ground having large rocks in it. Plus, he could then have open space for the steps to go up to enter the Pyramid and we would not have to dig an underground tunnel leading to steps! Genius! Not only genius but Metatron was exactly correct with his light pointing out the placement!! Of course! Also, Metatron’s doves were hanging out on the property all the time. I don’t know if you know it or not but Metatron is also known as the “Dove Man”. I could see bright light all over the property and that is also a sign of Metatron’s presence. Can you see the white outline all around the dove and down the pole in the pic below? Again, I couldn’t believe it showed up in the picture! That’s energy. This land is an energy vortex!

Prior to beginning the building of Metatron’s Pyramid, it was vitally important that we Honor/Bless the Land and the Ancestors. It was a beautiful ceremony for this Sacred Temple. We were honored with the presence of Jeff Elkins, Sauke Suattle, Master of Ceremonies, Panda Lee Stubits, Choctaw Nation and Lead Aztec Dancer. She brought with her 2 warrior status men, Allen Truesdale, Marine Combat Vet, Healer, Medicine Man, Shaman, Cherokee and Zuni Tribes, he is the carrier of a medicine staff and Dean Armstrong, Lakota and carries a Lakota Lance. The Iur Aztec group with Elder Jaime Uribe and his son Araleyah, Panda and Perla did a Blessing and Danza. Everyone in this group Blessed the Land. Ceremony is collaborated energy condensed. They even taught all who attended one of their sacred dances. Everyone who attended was in a very sacred space during this Blessing. It was a Blessed day that none of us will soon forget. Please go to Youtube, Alana’s Touch & Metatron’s Pyramid to see video’s of this super special ceremony.

There are precise specifications to go by when building a Pyramid. I was blessed in that Omaran, the builder of the Mount Shasta Pyramid, shared these specifications with me and my husband, Michael, in order for us to build the Sister Pyramid. The eastside of the Pyramid must be aligned with True North, 22 degrees east of Magnetic North, at this location. It’s different with each location a Pyramid is built.

After obtaining a City Building Permit, 2’x2’x3’ deep holes were dug and posts set in concrete.

With huge support from volunteers from our spiritual community, especially Dan Fendell and Calvin Cruse, along with other most generous community members, we got the beams set and joist set! Dan Fendall was there every time the Master Builder worked on the Pyramid, until he got a job and couldn’t. A huge thank you to Dan and that’s not enough! Calvin was there as well and continued on helping when Dan got his job! Calvin stuck with us till the Pyramid was complete and still comes to help the Master Builder, Michael Kroon! Yes, that is Cynthia Fendall carrying wood!! Also present and a huge help, Ziyudi Rah (Z)!

The floor joists are complete! Thank you so much for the help from volunteers from our Spiritual Community, Cynthia Fendall & Lora Pirdle, what strongarms!! We could not have done it without you all!  The plywood being screwed down with Brass screws and then the floor of the Pyramid is complete!

Our Master Builder and Dan Fendall screwing the walls together using 3”- Brass Screws. No ferrous metals can be used in the building of the Pyramid! Metal detracts from the energy.

The slope of the Pyramid takes shape, 51.5 degree angle, the same as the Giza Pyramids and aligned with True North, East, South and West. The Tunnel was also framed in. Michael Kroon and Dan Fendall working their butts off! Oh my gosh, it’s getting so exciting!!

The Plywood Sheathing is installed and screwed down with Brass Screws. Mackenly Charitable, our son-in-law, daughter Anne Marie and grandson Mason, came to help out! We were so appreciative! And of course, the awesome Dan Fendall and Calvin Cruse were there to help as well! We are now ready for the Copper Shingles! Yay, really coming along!!   

Pyramid is tarped to protect it from the winter weather. A deer was attracted to the energy, and decided to come look and admire what was being built in his backyard.

The Master Builder Mike Kroon starts to install the 99% Pure Copper Shingles as soon as there was a break in the weather.

Mike and Dan set up scaffolding to install the shingles on the high sides of the pyramid

Michael Kroon and Dan Fendall installing the 99.9% pure copper shingles. They nailed them on with brass roofing nails. So beautiful!!

Professionals were hired to finish the shingles setting up the roof scaffolding they hung off of for shingle installation.

Capstone installed, energized and Metatron’s Pyramid exterior complete!!! So much gratitude and love to Dan Fendall, Calvin Cruse, our son Tony, our son-in-law Mack, our grandson Mason, and to all our community members for your unending support and help!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all!

Capstone installed, energized and Metatron’s Pyramid exterior complete!!! So much gratitude and love to Dan Fendall, Calvin Cruse, our son Tony, our son-in-law Mack, our daughter, Anne, our grandson, Mason and to all our community members for your unending support and help!! Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

Stairs and decking installed by our Master Builder, Michael Kroon!!

The Tunnel, leading to the Capstone, is completely lined with Quartz Crystal, with a double terminated crystal that our Master Builder, Michael, noticed had the Tree of Life naturally etched into it, hanging in it. The branches of the tree are pointing up to the Universe and the roots are pointing down to Mother Earth. So perfect! The Crystal was a gift to our grandson, Mason, from Rick Patten and Mason donated it to the Pyramid. It was so cute, when I asked Mason if I could put the double terminated crystal in the Capstone of Metatron’s Pyramid, he told me that I could, as long as he was the Keeper of the Pyramid, right along with me. Of course, I told him YES!

Our Expert Builder, Michael Kroon, installed the 2” Styrofoam Insulation and Calvin and Michael installed the burlap wall covering, also carpeting and thick padding was installed using copper roofing nails and aluminum trim around the trap door opening inside the Pyramid, Total Energy Emersion!

Working hard on the Labyrinth so it’s ready in time for the Grand Opening Ceremonies!

Note: Melissa Jenkins and Julie Bailey helped carry down the river rock to help Mike outline the Labyrinth

Metatron’s Pyramid, a beautiful Sacred Temple in all its glory is finally complete!! A feeling of absolute jubilation and exultation!!

Grand Opening Ceremonies!! 80 Beautiful Souls, from our community, came to celebrate the Grand Opening of Metatron’s Pyramid!! It was a most glorious sacred celebration. Please go to Youtube, Alana’s Touch & Metatron’s Pyramid to see video’s. If you didn’t get to attend, you’ll want to watch the video’s of the performances, including the Aztec Dancers!

Our Master Builder, Michael Kroon, finishing off the Meditation Cabin so it can be decorated! Lisa Marie decorated it to perfection. I can’t thank her enough for all her help!! We have a special dedication to Larissa Van Ry inside. She is our Reiki Sister who was taken way too young of breast cancer. The cabin is beautifully filled with many sacred items. It’s a must see! This cabin is for Beautiful Souls to come inside and be at peace. Let all the worries of the world fade away. People also come inside to ground themselves and process after a Reiki Session in the Pyramid or an event or class.

These are pics of events that happen here at Metatron’s Pyramid! Most pics are from one of Jeanette’s events. Again, Jeanette is my Reiki teacher and I consider her family! I’ve had so many most awesome experiences with her. She is the red haired beautiful angel lady in the 1st pic!

All the beautiful creatures are completely attracted to the Pyramid. Many Deer, Squirrels, Metatron’s Doves, Hummingbirds, Eagles and more, come to visit all the time! We have a beautiful view of the gorgeous Columbia River from our property.

Our skilled Master Builder, Mike Kroon, built stadium seating for classes held at Metatron’s Pyramid & the Sacred Grounds at Alana’s Touch overlooking the Columbia River. It’s great for Spring/Summer classes and events!

This pile of dirt is the start of our gorgeous waterfall!!

The waterfall construction is underway!

Steve & Karen Lavoie gifted us with this beautiful granite heart stone for the middle of the Labyrinth! It is from the Columbia River in East Wenatchee.

Such a Blessing!

Next up, Landscaping!! Our landscapers plans looked so awesome and we were very excited! We worked with our neighbors, Rob & Kate as we had to go through their yard to bring in all the supplies. They were so cooperative and pleasant about everything. Wonderful neighbors! Then the crew brought in plants and started smoothing things over and doing the pathway.

This is white weed barrier paper that the landscaper put down so the grounds wouldn’t take so much maintenance.


A huge help!

Bark dust being blown in. It’s so exciting to see all this unfold!

Metatron’s Pyramid & The Sacred Grounds Complete just in time to greet 1/1/2020!! We got a couple shots of the snow this winter! Also pictured is our Master Builder’s fairy doors and steps he creates. Let me know if you are interested because he makes them to sell as well.

Mackenly Charitable (left), Spencer & Jeff Cohagen, carried 300 lb Buddha to the Sacred Grounds! The deer come to be near the beautiful energy of Metatron’s Pyramid & the Sacred Grounds!!

I thought you might enjoy some pics of Beautiful Soul’s coming to have Reiki Sessions in Metatron’s Pyramid, Drum/Sacred Circle and attend events, classes, etc.! There is so much more to come and I am looking forward to being able to open up again (after COVID) so we can all continue to grow further on our spiritual paths!


Blessings and So Much Love to you All!!


Alana & Michael