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What Your Donation Pays For


We would appreciate any and all donations to help finish the Sacred Grounds. All donations go towards purchasing materials. See below to see exactly what is still needed. 


As you know, materials are expensive and the price adds up quickly. We are investing our own time and money into this project, but the expenses are too much for us to bear alone. So, after much deliberation, I realized I needed to ask for help to make this possible. It was a difficult, but important decision to make.

The following is still needed for the Sacred Grounds: (See Full List Below)


The Sacred Grounds need grass, bark dust, walkways, statutes for fairy garden, shrubs, clearing and landscaping. We have hired a landscaper at much cost and need help to pay for it. 

Shopping List


This list covers all that is still needed. If you would like to volunteer or donate, please click below. Every 'Love Donation' will be gratefully received.

No amount of help, or donation is too small. Every contribution helps.

If you see anything specific that you would like to
donate materials for,
please get in touch.


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NOTE: Some of these have already been completed, however we have personally invested in this at great cost, so any and all help is most lovingly appreciated

All Donations go to Finishing the Sacred Grounds
at Metatron's Pyramid

UBI # 604175238
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